Updating ngage qd

The area may defined as To Go or Not To Go area - this regulates the color of the area. Please use only files in this formats: H IDNT LATITUDE LONGITUDE DATE TIME ... A simple graphic viewer for BSB get here Image Visu (20).

(3rd and 5th Generation only) sample areas CTR in Germany data subdirectory pics. To define own pictures rename this an place a new icons.* file here. How to design a bsb file: Download this package from libbsb.and read the description.

TTG is build from the average speed of the current track. When on a track always the position is in the center. When back from the list the map view and track or route are set to the map dimensions.

A GPS sentence is send as SMS to the draft by pressing the menu entry. If you running parallel to the log a HTTP report, please activate 'Start HTTP Send' Map view: Toggle between viewing map position, track centered or route centered Waypoint view: gets a text if available Calibration view: toggles between 22 points, 88 points and 1 point moving around The settings for the internet connect you will find in the 'access points' dialog of the general settings.

The parameter for this entries you will get from you carrier. The GPS values are use direct so the map date has to be WGS84. Enter the calibration dialog over the menu, select at least two points on the map and define this points manually or use the current position for it.

The bitmap must assigned as tif format and must have less than 128 colors You will need a template file like this, edit only the red part.

REF are the calibration points with x,y,latitude,longitude, so there is no separate calibration file.: tif2bsb my.kapmtp There can be more the two calibration points.

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